We are a real estate boutique
relying on tools and knowledge that enable us to be one the best 
professional real estate boutiques. 

Denice Landaeta, its founder and team leader, is a long-time entrepreneur in the real estate business recognized as one of the Top 100 2015-2016-2017 in South Florida and the million dollar GUILD recognition from 2016-2017. Since its inception, dluxuss, with the support of Coldwell Banker, has found a way to

create and reinvent the new expectations of luxury.

We are a team of  responsible, qualified and highly experienced professionals, in addition to being the only specialists in the fields of commercial, luxury and investment.

Doing business with us is to leave your investment in good hands.

We create effective strategies for helping our clients to carry out residential and commercial transactions in the most effective way. To that end, we report in a timely and accurate manner everything concerning the commercialization stage, listing and sale of the assets.

The Platform

We have our own marketing platform with six fundamental pillars.
All of this has been carefully designed to meet the needs of our clients.
dluxuss seeks to break away from the established luxury molds and bring users 

closer to comfort through effective strategies.


Our website is visited by over 17,000 people from the luxury segment, also relying on other web pages specialized in the real estate market such as Coldwell Banker, realtor.com and others.

Search & Display

Browse through the best search engines and online databases such as Zilllow, Google and Yahoo, and also take advantage of the Google Display Network.

Events & PR

Local and international RE events; networking, B2B and B2C event planning; dluxuss events with own database such as that of Romero Premium Networking, among others.

Direct Marketing

A premium database, among other useful resources including direct mail and e-mail blast campaigns and a monthly newsletter, help us reach clients in an effective way.

Social Media

See videos of amazing properties
on our YouTube dluxuss channel.
Social networks such as Instagram and LinkedIn help us connect with people from the luxury segment.


The best specialized print media such as magazines, newspapers and out-of-door advertising, spread the word about our listed properties beyond common digital channels.


The power of a Global Brand 100+ in Real Estate industry. Your home or business 

will be displayed to over 15 million potential buyers worldwide on a daily
basis. As a multicultural team of highly qualified professionals with proven results, We have a
network of international clients looking to purchase a home or make an investment just like yours.
Likewise, our company relies on passionate people and we are committed to each project.
Experience is our best tool. The team has a wide circle of public relations that enables it to make
sales in record time thanks to contacts across the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

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